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  • Creative Work

    Creative work is the most promising option many can take, and it is a broad path that has many destinations, think of it as “Value Created” for others.

  • On The Road

    On The Road, Mobile, Work From Anywhere, Van Life, RV Office, Off-Road, and many other #36 OTR Work Styles.

  • The Flow State

    The Flow State, we know something about work and continue to learn more and develop our skills as we grow. You may have experienced, in work, music, sports or gaming being in “The Zone”.

  • Office Chair Parts

    Office Chair Parts can last a very long time, not forever and not all survive an office move. A common part that breaks is the wheel or castor that supports the whole chair.

  • Refurbished Chairs

    Refurbished Chairs, the whole chair is disassembled down the the core and inspected for “Repair or Replace” parts.

  • Shade that is Made

    Shade that is Made We LOVE the Sun, but our technology is not always benefiting from it. Our bodies and stuff need some shade from time to time.

  • Shelves for Stuff

    Shelves for Stuff. Today we will talk about the humble shelf, supporting our work, and waiting tirelessly for the next item. Bookcases, wire shelving, drop rivet shelves, pallet racks, gravity flow, and cantilever racks.

  • Adjustable Tables

    Adjustable Tables The first tables may have been logs on the ground, big rocks, or ledges in caves. As people began to stand upright to work, it was (and still is) very helpful to bring your work to a comfortable height. As we continued to grow, learn and implement new skills, tables have become a…

  • Glossary of Furniture Terms

    Glossary of Furniture Terms with definitions.

  • Workshop Furniture

    Workshop Furniture still supports the equipment, tools and your body while working. Shop chairs, stools and work benches for real production, with power supply for heavy use.