Shelves for Stuff

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Shelves for Stuff

Today we will talk about the humble shelf, supporting our work, and waiting tirelessly for the next item. Shelves may have been developed around the same time as tables, as they are similar in function. I think of bookcaseswire shelvingdrop rivet shelvespallet racksgravity flow, and cantilever racks. People receive trucks, storing products for later use, moving parts through production and out of the dock as finished goods. Offices with bookcases, lockersstorage cubes and wall-mounted shelves are still needed. Shelving is used in many dorm rooms and homes because of its versatility and airflow. Also, many mobile options can be retrofitted to existing units to make moving items easier.

Shelves for Stuff

Specialized shelving made with materials and construction to meet National Sanitation Foundation NSF has become a separate category. Primarily used in medicalfood service and agriculture are very cleanable or sanitized. Shelves are made for use in walk-in freezers, hot room baker racks, and wet environments like agriculture. Also, antimicrobial polymer shelves or industrial epoxy coatings are available.

Unirack Teardrop Pallet Racking is great for warehouse applications when heavy-duty support is needed for forklift use. Wire decking and security panels can be added as required. Floor-mounted uprights and corner guards will provide long years of product protection. Used pallet racking is a viable option because it is built for decades of heavy-duty use and it does not wear out. Shelving.com will also buy your surplus pallet racking.

If there is a need for long bulky materials and don’t need a shelf, cantilever racks can be a good solution. They have a very high weight rating, adjustable support arms, and easy access for a forklift. A great solution for lumber, plumbing pipe, or other wide items.

Shelves for Stuff that moves

Most of the time we think about the size of what needs to sit on a shelf and maybe the weight. We always consider the weight when things need to be moved and we can plan ahead to make that work in our favor. I am talking about Gravity Flow when the shelves allow the items to move down the slanted shelf or surface. You can get help from Shelving .com’s Free Warehouse 101 planning guide. The full-size Pallet Tracks help move pallets without driving a forklift around the shop. When the products need to be handled in smaller units and full pallets are not needed smaller specialized shelving racks can be helpful.

Picking and pulling parts is an everyday warehouse job, empty bins can be moved and full ones can simply slide forward with slanted pick shelves or Flow Cells with rollers. Unex has end-run solutions with 1″ centered levels adjustments helpful for parts that need to be worked. There is a workstation configuration with a workbench. The Single Lane Cart is narrow to work along with a production line and the Lane Side Cart with its workbench is helpful for sub-assembly. The bolt-down or mobile options offer stability and flexibility. The overhead toolbar and workbench can be added to most units.

Yes, products need to get from the pallet racks to the Flow Cells and Span Tracks to help move heavy objects to the next stage of the process. Conveyor belt function without the need for powered equipment, install the roller pathways between the racks and shelves. Manage the movements with impact plates, guides, slowdown strips, and guard rails. Cartons can also be moved with a metal roller or wheeled freestanding conveyors. There are also curved sections available to help get the product to the right place at the right time.

The other option is for the storage units to slide on tracks for High-Density Storage, saving floor space with access to only what you need at the time. Imagine a series of bookcases pushed together and you can spread them apart creating a walkway aisle, get that needed book and then push them back together. Figuring 4′ for each walkway, you could make 16′ of floor space usable by decreasing the number of open isles.

With all those moving parts, people and production you might need some administration. A Prefab Modular Industrial Office might be the right solution for computers, managers, or an exterior guard gate. It can be designed for floor placement or above the main floor for a mezzanine application. You might need some security areas that can be created with similar material as the wire mesh shelves. Uni Mesh has gates, roofs, walls, gates, lockable doors, lockers, and more. All made with 10 gauge double crimped steel in a 1 1/2″ diamond pattern.

Shelves for Stuff

Storage cabinets with swing doors or pull-out drawers and work bench stations really help put all those parts together with heavy-duty shop tables as well. Each individual may have a secure locker for street clothes and other items needed for work. Fun kids lockerslocker room benches, and wire mesh complete this offering.

You can always contact Shelving.com and talk with real live people for help planning your production facility. Yes, they always answer the phone during local business hours.

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