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  • Work From Home

    Work From Home it is 8-2022 and many companies are implementing Work From Home or WFH strategies that will carry them over into the next phase of recovery from Covid.

  • Creative Work

    Creative work is the most promising option many can take, and it is a broad path that has many destinations, think of it as “Value Created” for others.

  • On The Road

    On The Road, Mobile, Work From Anywhere, Van Life, RV Office, Off-Road, and many other #36 OTR Work Styles.

  • Shelves for Stuff

    Shelves for Stuff. Today we will talk about the humble shelf, supporting our work, and waiting tirelessly for the next item. Bookcases, wire shelving, drop rivet shelves, pallet racks, gravity flow, and cantilever racks.