On The Road

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On The Road

On The Road, Mobile, Work From Anywhere, Van Life, RV Office, Off-Road, and many other On The Road Work Styles. 5-2022 Air BNB allows Work From Anywhere Forever and many other companies are embracing WFA. With the continued advancement of computing power into smaller and more stable equipment, the workspace keeps getting bigger, yes GLOBAL.

We have talked about many items to support your body, equipment, and work style and now let’s HIT THE ROAD. Much creative work can be fueled by travel and new environments for inspiration. Lots of computer work can be done with just some power and WiFi. I work in a few, very different places close to home. There are spots along Monterey Bay with shade, Wifi, and Jackery solar panels extending my battery charge. Some coastal spots have tables with shade or I can work in the vehicle to get out of the weather. Public libraries often have WiFi that reaches parking spots and I hope they will open the bathrooms again. I have a favorite brewery with everything I need to work for hours. The sun, wind, temperature, power, and WiFi often direct my workplace. I don’t have elaborate needs, as I write on my laptop and get about 3-4 hours of battery charge. Before Covid, I would work at home or in a coffee shop and now other options have opened up. I am really enjoying the change of scenery, the ability to shut the computer down to walk in nature and get inspiration for new ideas. Many people will want to get off the grid and use a WiFi hot spot or even a satellite for an internet connection.

On The Road Equipment

Let’s start with Class “C”, a modified truck or van front and frame. They have a built-in camper that is one continuous “room” from the driver’s seat to the back of the vehicle. They drive like a truck or large van and normally run on gas.

The next level is Class “B+”. You can think of this as a bus, a large metro, or a school bus that is modified to feel like a home. There are simple class “B” vehicles that don’t need an endorsed driver’s license when the vehicle weighs less than 26,000 lbs, check your State DMV requirements.

There is a larger and heavier level Class “A”, “A” is for airbrakes and these will need a class “A” driver’s license. These are like tour buses and can run on diesel or gas and there are specific laws applicable for driving them. Class “A” Diesel Rigs may need a fuel additive DEF. There are also, Class “A” Rigs that run on normal gas.

You may already have a trailer hitch and know how much you can pull. A Travel Trailer is what you pull with your truck, van, or car. It is very important to know what your “puller” (truck, van, or car) is rated to pull, how much the trailer weighs, and how much additional weight you will add when you put your gear in it. There are very small “teardrop” trailers that can be pulled with many cars.

The larger 5th Wheel Trailers need a truck with a bed that is modified to accept a Kingpin to attach the trailer to the truck or “puller”. These can be large, like Semi Truck trailers, or small homes. A trailer may push you down a hill or pull you by the tail around a corner. Please take some time to get familiar with driving while towing, backing and parking.

On The Road

Think about how much workspace you will need, battery power, solar panels, cooking fuel, or a generator to support your work equipment. Safe storage is very important while moving, shaking and unlevel roads may cause items to fall and break. Your body needs to be fed, watered, and rested. Allow for storage, consider the total amount of weight and fuel MPG you will be burning.

Work From Anywhere, what will support your body and equipment? Plan ahead for re-fuel stops or power up as you are parked. You might need some solar panels with power storage and Jackery company is a global leader. Founded in 2012 by a group of engineers that wanted to make electricity portable, dependable and clean. With a broad offering, they can meet your power needs, and even run your C-Pap or other medical equipment while you are OTR. The dependable power storage can be part of your everyday emergency plan to keep everything running for hours.

Your nice laptop / flat screens might need some secure and adjustable support from Stand Steady. They provide small adjustable tables and monitor mounts that can be stored safely without taking up too much space. If you want to set up outside, you might like some shade from Quctent. They have collapsible pop-up shades for many applications, even RV covers. If you have space an adjustable chair from Crandall Office Furniture is a very nice way to support your body.

Many people use Coinbase to help manage their cryptocurrency for monetized OTR.

On The Road


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