About Local 831 Furniture

Hello Local 831 Fans,

Local 831 has split into focused blogs; Furniture, Life Style, and Work Style.  Please help support our work at Mammoth Nation Patriot Store.

About Local 831 Furniture

Furniture supports the body, tech, and stuff that we all use most of the day. We are not working just in the office like we used to and the furniture we use is not always office furniture, it is work furniture. It can be moved out of the way and pulled back in when it is needed. It sets the tone for the space and adds to the overall feeling of the building, for good or bad. Take one more thing off their minds, not thinking about a chair, and let them feel good about their workspace.

Our job is to plan, schedule, and deliver. Complete, on time, and within budget. Looking at all the end-users wants and needs. We do this by working with a team of vendors that know who can do what and when. Using the best available source for each part project.

As we go through life we all can use some help. Some work, personal growth, productive activity, and cash to make the end of the month. Looking for ways to help do things to make “life” better for others. Let us listen to you, what you need, and what you like to do, and see if there is a good fit. Our focus is furniture around Monterey Bay, The 831.

Look for more focused 831 Style and some relaxing nature videos on YouTube or Rumble  Local 831 Furniture, Local 831 Lifestyle, and Local 831 Workstyle. Build your dream, help the earth, and include others.

Kiss The Ground movie explains how regenerative agriculture draws down carbon from the air and stores it in the ground converting it into plant material. When grazing rotation is implemented, the ground holds more water, plants produce more oxygen and new topsoil is produced. This will act as a “reverse dustbowl” effect and drastically reduce the use of chemicals in the Agriculture Industry.

Local 831 Furniture