Creative Work

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Creative Work

Creative work is the most promising option many can take. Creative Work is a broad path that has many destinations, think of it as “Value Created” for others. What can you make that others will need, what or just buy? Consider your strengths, learn about what you have to offer, and what you can build to better help others. Studying, learning, and developing, this is a process that many use for much of their adult life. What is your Work Style? Long-term effort, attention, and growth to understand what people desire. Here is a list of “tools” that I have been learning to use over the last few years while moving into Web 3.0

After years of my static website being built and hosted with GoDaddy, I wanted to build an eCommerce store and GoDaddy did not have a good solution to keep my same look and feel for branding.

So, I started again with the Square group (Weebly) of companies and learned in 2018 that they were not set up for a 4,000+ item eCommerce store. More than that, their customer service people could not understand what I wanted to do.

During that time I was introduced to Word Press, Elementor, and Woo Commerce. Then the “Made China Tariffs” came up, I was looking at a 4,000+ item price change and I got off the China Horse. I hired some developers for some parts of the product image management and did not make great gains.

Then I discovered blogging with affiliate links and started building https://local831furniture.com/ . That’s right, look at progress, evaluate and pivot to what the market is wanting.

Creative Work

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is the company to which I moved my domains and email. They have great customer service, lots of “how-to” videos, and are understandable on the phone. I got referred to them by WP Crafter.

WP Crafter

Adam was my 1st Word Press tutorial YouTube “teacher” and helped me understand “how to” Word Press. I made a full 4,000+ item eCommerce store, but could not get the product images to look great. He taught me that I could adjust the playback speed to move through tutorials at an understandable speed without taking too much time. He is very detailed and very good to 1st timers to learn from scratch.


Miles Beckler

I was ready to buy into a tutorial program for about $1,000 from the “Rich Dad / Poor Dad” guy and thankfully I found Miles Beckler. He took me from eCommerce and taught me about affiliate marketing for FREE…100% FREE. Lots of walkthrough content, step-by-step process, and explanation of the “why” you should do this way. His team has put together the most in-depth training for Email and Affiliate marketing that I think there is. There are retreats, personal training, and other paid-for courses. Most people can start to make money without them and can pay later if they want to. I am A FAN.

Through this part of my work, I learned about Affiliate Marketing management companies. They have very large groups of sellers and manage all the transactions between the sellers, marketers, and buyers. These are the 3 that I work with the most.

Cj.com , Share A Sale, and AWIN . These are very large, international, and competitive organizations. You would benefit from looking at each, and seeing what the requirements are for publishers and what training they offer. These 3 could keep you very busy and happy for years. The training alone is worth your time to investigate what they are doing.

EandL Custom Designs are a great example of what you can do with Etsy to sell your work.

Creative Work

These are some books that help me to focus my creative energies and unlock my subconscious. Just read through it for the first time. Don’t get concerned about the outcome, just read, absorb the story and listen to what you hear while you read. Ideas can be heard, understood, acted on, and then believed.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, published in 1937. His work is the basis for much of the Motivational “Self Help” literature and is 100% relevant today.

Abundance Book by John Randolph Price is a meditative book that helps focus Think and Grow Rich to help others. Create value to help others and don’t be selfish. Both books together give you very particle instruction for your “inner work”.

Listening, learning from what others talk about, and gathering many perspectives. The long format interview and podcasting by Ph.D. Higher Education Lecturers give us a wealth of knowledge and wisdom not available to the general public before now and it is FREE.

Joe Rogan Podcast , The 100% BEAST of the podcasting world, dominates this space and gives us unlimited access to his guests. The information discussed comes from some of the best-known and unknown, creative people on the planet.

Jordan Peterson Podcast , Dr. Jordan Peterson is a Clinical Canadian Psychologist, author, YouTube personality, and professor emeritus at The University of Toronto. He has loads of his lectures published, many interviews, and deep intellectual discussions available about culture and the human condition.

Rebel Wisdom Podcast , They are based in the U.K. and are primality seasoned journalists and intellectuals. They uncover the most rebellious ideas in philosophy, human potential, and culture to find direction through the chaos of these times.

John Vervaeke Lectures , Awakening from The Meaning Crisis. This is a college-level course that covers, logic, philosophy, and cultural religion and tries to define some spiritual concepts.

Dr. Andrew Huberman, https://hubermanlab.com/

Ben Patrick Knees Over Toes , Ben Patrick is very innovative and passionate about helping people. You can hear about his back story in an interview with Joe Rogan.

Strength Side , A 10-minute beginner full-body strength workout, follow along with YouTube. This 10 min beginner workout is still a challenge for my range of motion. They have lots of helpful work for you to do.

MeetUp, I have been using the MeetUp platform for many years and I will continue for many more. It has regional, activity, and demographic settings. Real, Live and In-Person “We Are – What We Do”.

YouTube, How to, What is The Best, Zone Out, Focus In, and ALL THE THINGS.

Fiverr , Online Virtual Work, and help with your creative, finance, or administrative. Search through what services are available, what part of the world, and what languages. Get Help… Get Some Fiverr.

Chamber of Commerce, Promotes members through a directory and events. An example of a Local Chamber of Commerce. Chambers of Commerce are groups of people that join to help promote the member’s business and their personal business as well. They do fundraisers, grand openings, and public service.

Rakuten , Rakuten gives online purchasers cash back on approved products. Get cash back with Rakuten. They also have https://www.kobo.com/us/en , an eCommerce store for eBooks, Audiobooks, and eReaders. 

I have started creating some items for the Metaverse and using Coinbase for my Cryptocurrency App.

Creative Work

I am an Etsy, Fiverr Affiliate, Shelving.com, StandSteady.com, SwimOutlet.com, ZumaOffice.com, GameFly.com, cambriabike.com, Quictent.com , Crandall Office Furniture, The New Alpha, Coinbase, RVT, Industry West, Eternity Modern, Walrus Oil, Antique Farm House furniture, Casa Gear promotor and have Bookshop.org/shop/Local831Furniture


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