Workshop Furniture

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Workshop Furniture

Workshop furniture still supports the equipment, tools, and your body while working. #11 post What is The Best Work Chair, we talked about Cramer Chairs and they may be the VERY BEST shop chairs and stools. Work Benches for real production, with power supply and many years of heavy use.

AG Industry

The Monterey Bay Area and the surrounding hills and valleys are one of the best Agricultural growing areas in the country. Your workshop for growing will need some specialized and very durable furniture to support the produce of your work. BwaaaaHaHaHa… Indoor growing technology has been advancing to help manage toxic chemicals, save water and keep pests out. Our once Local 831 friend, Deborah Walliser has grown her company Got Produce? to literally, help feed the world. “She has successfully grown over 100 different edible crops in controlled environment facilities across the globe, and has been at the forefront of creating new hydroponic systems for many other crops including 6 different varieties of wine grapes, edible flowers, and extracts.” They are a great example of how “furniture” is needed to support our work.

Workshop Furniture

Every Workshop I have ever been in has STUFF and LOTS of it. Tall swing door cabinets, shallow pull-out drawers, and strong metal shelves. If your large shop produces parts that need to be built together and you need help moving items down the line to the next stage for assembly. Gravity Flow Systems will stage your products, and parts and make them available for the next person to do the next stage of work. Parts are parts until they get assembled and powered up. Keep items organized for easy transfer and parts list picking with color-coated bins.

Floor Cleaning

After The Work, cleaning might happen and FlexSweep is a local manufacturer of floor cleaning gear. They have created flexible a system based on pole with a life time guarantee.

In 1977 Simon Cassar had an idea of push broom pole that don’t break. Yes, the part that is continually scrubbing hard floors will eventually wear out. The real invention was the way the pole is connected to working end of the stick, after many years of effort, the TG-7 Unbreakable Connector wanted created.

Extra Help

Not every project has the budget to support a real human helper, there are tools for that. See that workbench over there how the person is holding the part while they work to shape it? A Bench Vise will hold that part in place, keep their fingers safe and get the job done faster. Remember the power supply in the workbenches at the start of this post? Some work takes more power than batteries can provide and when you are working in a shop, you can plug power tools right in. Furniture + tools make our working lives better, safer, and more productive. Vehicles have been used for generations and RVT is a great source for many types of Recreational Vehicles. 

Planning your workspace for efficiency, tools, and materials at hand. Easy movement through the space and safe buffer areas around dangerous equipment. Utility carts help bring tools and parts from one area to another. I worked with one factory that completely changed its production facility. They set it up with truck docks on one side of the building to unload materials and truck docks on the other side of the building to load finished goods ready for shipment. There are also, books to help plan or reconfigure your workshop. For some finishing touches or gift ideas (your family loves you) Etsy has many DIY products and building plans. Here is a list of Creative Tools I have used. 

Workshop Furniture

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