Refurbished Chairs

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Refurbished Chairs

Why throw the old in the landfill when people can repair and refurbish products to “Like New” condition? Many used office chairs get disposed of every year and Crandall Office Furniture has been collecting, repairing, and replacing old parts with new parts since 2002. Great office chairs have already been created and improved on. Why buy a new chair, when you can buy a refurbished one “Like New” with a warranty.

We are talking about Herman Miller and Steelcase Authorized Factory Returns. Steelcase has partnered with Crandall Office Furniture to handle the chairs returned before 14 day trial period. They are Grade A, as they are nothing wrong when inspected from a 2-3 distance. Grade B allows for some scratches or dings and no structural damage. When shopping for grade A and grade B chairs allow for changing inventory quantities. Upon receiving all chairs, grade C chairs are sent to the refurbishing process when any repairs or new parts are needed.

Refurnished Chairs

The first thing is getting old chairs. Crandall Office Furniture has long-standing agreements with environmental caring corporations to give their chairs a “landfill-free end of life” solution. The chairs are sent to the Michigan facility, for counting and sorting into grades A, B, or C. Upon a customer placing an order, the right chairs are pulled from inventory and get ready for refurbishing. The whole chair is disassembled down to the core and inspected for “Repair or Replace” parts. Since the company has been doing work for over 20 years, they have very strong relationships with suppliers and has the “know-how” to get “the doing” done right. All foam is steam cleaned to reactivate and sterilize the seats and backs. This allows for the removal of all upholstery and adhesives. All new upholstery is used and you can choose the color and pattern. Also, you have the option of adding your brand logo to it. Every moving part is tested, serviced, and repaired. Common parts that get replaced are arm pads, castors, and gas lift cylinders. Unusable items get recycled when appropriate or disposed of properly. The order is prepared for semi-trailer loads by shipping chairs fully assembled or boxed delivery with partially assembled chairs for small orders. Because Crandall Office Furniture uses this time-tested system all chairs come with a 12-year warranty. This keeps old chairs out of the landfill and prolongs their useful life and promotes America’s economy with U.S. jobs. Other furniture and components can be replaced over time. Planning ahead during the purchasing process can help extend the useful life of your office furniture.

Refurbished Chairs

What are these chairs, that you speak of? The tried, true, and most dependable, please check for available stock. Let’s review the Steelcase offering, Series 1, Amia, Gesture, Gesture with Head Rest, Series 2 with Head Rest, V2 Leap, V2 Leap with Head Rest, Leap Plus, V2 Think, SILQ, and Amia Air. Also, from Herman Miller Aeron size A, B, and C, Atlas Suspension Head Rest for classic Aeron and Mirra 2.

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