Used Furniture

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Used Furniture

Surplus, Used and As-Is furniture can get you started and help support you as things grow. Our economy runs on cycles, with highs and lows. There is always a surplus that is not being used and furniture is a long-lasting durable good, that has useful life for many years.

For Humanity …

Most of us have had the experience of getting rid of old furniture, not being to sell it or give it away. There is a company that can help you with that and helps others as well. https://www.habitat.org/restores Habitat For Humanity does very good work to help families make a home and take care of children. Their ReStores organization takes in household goods, furniture, building supplies, and more. They, in turn, sell these items to help support their housing programs. They are a great source of used residential furniture, home goods, and surplus construction materials. Sometimes they have office furniture as well. Always call first before donating any office furniture, because they specialize in habitats for humans and not a workspace. Office furniture takes up lots of room and has low sales turnover.

Used Furniture for work

The used office furniture market has been growing in large cities for decades and most warehouses are full. I anticipate a major glut of electric height adjustable work tables. Because of the “Work From Home” movement away from large groups of people working the offices. The “Open Plan” for office space turned out to be a major super spreader for Covid and will not be come back for a couple of generations. Check-in with your current or previous employer for surplus items and they might give them away to you. You should be to get a table chair and small drawer set for a low price for a used furniture dealer and if a group gathers together to buy 30 sets the price should be cheap. Lots of white, with bright accents and black chairs.

Used Furniture for Mid Size to Large Projects

Get your team together for the Safari, hunting down big game is a group effort. Put your packers and loaders on that text list so they can get there quick. Search for empty parking lots with full dumpsters, may have free furniture and stuff in there. Read about layoffs, Working From Home, and listen for “chatter”. Their signs are there and can be tracked. Many times “empty out before the end of the month” comes down the trail fast. If your marketing team can “pull one-off” you might have an “ON-SITE-SALE” after you purchase the inventory. You get to cherry-pick what you want, sell or give the rest away to valued employees. Make arrangements with the property manager and they might have buffer time for you before the construction starts. Keep in mind, insurance, floor covering for moving carts, and whatever else the property manager might require. Most local moving companies already know what each business park wants and how they want it.

I learned THE HARDWAY about commercial moving in Frisko Ca, Labor Unions, and elevator time. Grunts cost $250 per hour on New Year’s Eve because that was the only time the elevator was available.

If you will be using systems furniture or cubicles, you will need someone that understands the furniture to manage the installation for planning and parts. When Systems Furniture is disassembled for packing, loading, trucking, unloading, and staging before installation… Parts are GOLD, and should be inventoried or figure about 20% usage for lost or damaged parts. It is the end of 2021, I think Herman Miller Action Office 2 or AO2 cubicles have the very best and available O.E.M. parts for the cubicles.

Used Furniture

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