Gamer Furniture

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Gamer Furniture


Looks So Cool, It Don’t Work

Gamer culture is kinda different than the real world or even the workplace. For some Gamer is a job title, they compete and sell content. Gamer Saloon has a low buy-in fee and supports PS4 and X-Box. We can see this on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and other platforms. They also, sell old games and leveled-up characters that they made. Imagery has always been a big part of computer games and many just like the way a game looks. It can be a cheap hobby and for most it is. Spending money on furniture was not very popular until the Gamers got older and had $$$ to burn. The Gamer Chair trend used to be cheap, flashy, Made in China, and not very supportive. Over the past 15-20 years with professional PC games and older gamers, good quality adjustable chairs become more popular.

Adjustable Chairs

The Gamer Chair today takes inspiration from cool racing car seats, which are offered with graphics branded with licensed media characters and the games themselves. The adjustments have not changed very much, gas lift, adjustable arms, back angle, and rocking. Some are made in an Autonomous factory and are very serious. Upgraded upholstery, some understated branded graphics, nice 4-way adjustable arms, free-floating knee tilt recline, back angle, lumbar/ neck pillows, and personal lighted audio system. The people at Autonomous have definitely upped their game for adults that play. They do work great for consoles with handheld controllers and lap-held keyboards that allow you to lean back into the whole chair. Many PC gamers use a keyboard, mouse, and table/desk. If you have worked with a professional computer chair and are a PC Gamer you know what I mean. They do come in at a lower price and top out around $700, about the same price as an inexpensive office chair. Humanscale has some very nice passive ergonomic chairs that move with you to promote circulation.

Gamer Chair VS Computer Chair

As was noted above, a lot depends on the age and shape of your body. The office furniture industry has been investing in ergonomic work for over 50 years and has made some great progress. Blog post #11 discusses work chairs and post #3 talks about ergonomic adjustable chairs. Big Box stores have cheap computer chairs that can last for years, professional computer chairs will last for decades. Look at a commercial designer library for ideas and sources. Also, they can be bought at used office furniture stores. Newer Gamer chairs are very good and have not been in use for decades, but they will keep upgrading just like the games.

What’s your Gamer Style

Console Gamers with handheld controllers may not need any furniture or use a sofa/bed. Because they mostly use a TV screen to play on and the TV has seating to go with it. PC Gamers generally have a table/desk with a monitor holder. They will use a keyboard /mouse and need some support. Gamer table desks do not need drawers for dedicated gamers. The term Gamer Table is what is most commonly used. Gamer Tables have the same history as chairs. They do not need to be fancy, but everyone has a camera, and many care about their visual “branding”. The function is of course to support your equipment, also your arms when they operate the equipment and adjustable height is helpful. Another benefit is adjustable monitor holders and cord management. Power / Data cords can get tangled and need to have easy-to-reach connectors. The cords can be used for speakers and headsets. Some very cool tables have covered cable trays, graphic details, headset holders, and fun lights. The Gamer table evolved from some old desk with peeling laminate. POWER POWER POWER- Don’t get caught in a power outage. Jackery Company has high-capacity battery storage with optional solar panels.

Gamer Furniture


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