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No Desk

I have spent most of my computer work time on a table, café table, or laptop stand. Desks are just tables that have drawers and Florence Knoll taught us that drawers get in the way of our knees. The table is the work surface, for paper blueprints, equipment, and face-to-face conversations. Now we use pixelated blueprints, laptops, surfaces, and iPads for face-to-face conversations. The table has “zoom meeting” to a very small size and floor space is so much more valuable. We need storage for stuff, not paper files. The desk has been dead for a very long time and most of us don’t have space at home for that big hulking drawer holder. Furniture has a long history and even longer future.

Flexible Furniture

Herman Miller company understood this and made this very adjustable keyboard stand, the scooter. I had one for many years and loved it. Old things are new again. With our input equipment getting smaller and mobile this concept is very helpful. The big monitors can be wall-mounted or hung on a floor stand. Your very comfy chair and adjustable small table can get you in the zone for hours of flow state.

Small, mobile, and adjustable.

Several companies offer modern tables like this, scaled for laptops or small monitor arms. Many have gas lift height and tilt adjustments, less expensive ones are manual with slides and hand-tightened screws. Adjustable Tables for small-scale equipment can be a great space-saving solution.

Stand Steady is my favorite adjustable personal computer table source. They even have mobile tables that are designed so you can work in bed.

The Work From Anywhere, RV, and Van Lifestyle has given new innovations for what Road Work is.

No Desk

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