Real Storage

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Real Storage

Got Stuff?

We have seen RTA furniture In-A-Box and maybe you have built some. It is getting better every year but, particle board, cam locks, and paper don’t hold up to real work. Steel or high-quality plastics work great and are easy to get.

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Shelves, pull-out drawers, swing/flipper doors, and small part bins. Most storage sits on the floor but, can be wall-mounted and stacked on other furniture. What will support your work the best and make it more efficient? Storage is about safety, protecting items, and ease of use. What is your stuff, who needs to get it and where is it needed?

Working from Home

Working from home or WFH is A-Thing and we will naturally have work stuff at home. This is an opportunity to organize and make your workspace your work STAGE. This is your chance to create your best place to do your best work. A small set of drawers on wheels, a bookcase, or a hutch with décor. Plants need to sit on something and are very nice. Work may require a monitor that can be wall-mounted, table supported, or have a floor-standing rack. Computer screens can be as small as a handheld device or 3′ wide, you know how BIG tech can get. A chair is also stuff, chair mats can protect your floor covering and smooth out the surface under the castors that your chair rides on. Getting up and out of your chair to get something can be a strategic part of your day. Security is still important to keep things safe, most swing door storage cabinets have locks. A 42″H empty cabinet top makes a nice shelf for items that can be left out. Electrical battery backups with optional solar panels by Jackery Company can help you keep working in a building or On The Road.

Boxes and Books

We still use boxes and books. The books are getting less use, but they are still around- Book Case. Shelves for easy access, 12″ – 20″ deep put in a case, mounted on a wall or pallet racked for forklifts. Larger companies will use all and have rollers to help move heavy items, Shelves on wheels, and Gravity Racks. When moving heavy items gravity can mean extra work or items can roll down in a controlled/directed way to the next destination.

Real Storage

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