Home Office Ideas

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Home Office Ideas

What Type of Work are you doing?

Furniture is for supporting your body, equipment, and storage. Let’s start with the easy stuff 1st and what things you need to have “at hand” for your work. In the olden days, I had 18′ for furniture binders and 2 bins for finish/fabric samples. Now some companies do this online. My Resource Library is a professional resource for designers, facility managers, and contract dealerships. It has loads of commercial furniture layouts and images. This is what replaced my wall-mounted A02- 18′ shelves and 2 bins of color samples. I still have 1 small bag of color samples. Also, for residential home ideas, Houzz is a very good website.

Work From Home

Many working at home are doing creative, data-driven work and your storage needs are very small. Maybe a mobile set of drawers or a decorative bookcase. Others need printer supplies, paper, or old-school binders. Unless you have a dedicated office with a door, I suggest mobile storage that can be moved out of the way and an adjustable table sized to fit your needs. There are nice moving pads that will slide over low pile carpet and many lightweight storage units with wheels. Zuma Office Supplies started in 2009 and has your everyday products to help your work. https://www.zumaoffice.com/charities They have done lots of work to help those in need.

Pads, Phones, and P.C.’s

Data input computers for real work may need a table and monitor support. Stand Steady in Fairfax Virginia, does a great job at helping people be comfortable at work. In 2012, Day Martin was having some back pain, and sitting all day at work was very uncomfortable. She built her 1st standing desk out of some cardboard boxes and later that year Stand Steady was born. They have a complete offering of products to support your body, equipment, and focus.

Chairs? See post #11 What is THE BEST chair for work

Home Office Ideas

You want to be able to focus, with no sound or visual distractions. Window Coverings are very helpful and Budget Blinds in Santa Cruz has automated solutions, so you don’t have to break your attention. Headphones are great for sound. Foldable 5’H screens help too, they usually fold into 3 sections with a wood frame covered in imaged fabric and feel like painting canvas. Adjustable blinds to control sunlight are very important for screen glare. Power and Date feed your machines, plan for power charging, and maybe a WiFi booster. An adjustable monitor supports will make your work time more comfortable, surface mount or wall mount. There are some floor mount stands available that work great with small scooter tables.

Video Meeting?

Video team meetings have become a workplace tool that I do not use. Some important things in media production (that is what you are doing now) are lighting, sound, and background staging. Most upgraded phones on a stand can get you by and may be fine. I know YouTube has some very professional media producers that will share their tips, tricks, and product reviews. Happy Zooming.


It is still important to be able to close the office for the day, mobile, foldable items, and 5’H screens can get that job done. YES, shut it down and put the office away, your home is more important than work. If you are feeling that work is more important than the home that may be the right order of priorities for that stage in your life. “Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house.” Some old Jewish guy wrote that and it is still true today. If you cannot support yourself, your family, and your home… get a better work plan.

Working From Home

This can be very different for everyone, the basics are…

  1. Support Your Body
  2. Move to keep engaged and your fluids flowing.
  3. WATER
  4. comfortably support your equipment.
  5. Choose to store your stuff strategically, it may be an opportunity to stand up and move.

      6. Control your environment to help you succeed.

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Home Office Ideas, even if your home is On The Road.

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