How to choose THE BEST work chair.

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How to choose THE BEST work chair.

Previously we discussed ergonomics. By definition, all chairs are designed for different activities and therefore they are all ergonomic. Talking about ergonomic chairs may be common, but most times the word is not used very well.

Let’s talk about work

When people are performing the work, they use various activities to accomplish their goals. Most of us do a variety of things during our work day and that is one reason adjustable chairs work so well. Also, in a group setting the same chair can be adjusted for each work activity and size of the person. With some study and practice, they can perform very well for almost everyone. Some important features are…

Seat height

A simple gas lift gives a quick adjustment and some softness to the chair. As we sit down the gas is compressed and we float on a gas-filled post.

Arm pad positions

Arm pads, height, angle, tilt, slide front to back, or fold back out of the way. Many of us use both hands for data input with our elbows out and hands close together.

Back angle and height

While doing data entry, many people lean forward and on their arms and wrists. Adjusting their upper body weight to those areas that can be compressed and cause real medical problems. Properly setting up the back of the chair and training yourself to lean back will transfer some of the upper body weight to the chair and off sensitive hands/wrists. Console gamers figured this out pretty early.

Lumbar support

Your lower back is referred to as your lumbar region and has a natural curve. An adjustable lumbar pillow or support can help you dial your chair and when it is good, it is very good.

Free float tilt tension

When you answer the phone for a voice call is a great time to lean back and relax. Many chairs can be released to free float tilt with quick activation. If the call will last sometimes a nice walk might be used, movement helps the whole body.

There are many many options and you will spend some time over the years focusing on what you like. Also, your body will change, and job roles and types of activities will change too.

Shop Chairs

Shop furniture needs to hold up to the environment, your tools, and hazards. I specified 400+ chairs for a large Airforce Base that supported A-10 Warthogs and other equipment. Cramer makes 100% Rhino Tough chairs. There was a detailed RFP spec sheet and the Cramer Triton R+ chair met them all. The final on-site test was a “solder test”, they melted real solder and poured on onto different parts of the chair. At that point, it was Rhino+ tough and they got the job.

How to choose THE BEST work chair.

Some work is done in a Hospitality setting. We did a corporate project in Pebble Beach by 17 Mile Drive during the Covid. No Rhino Tuff chairs are needed at this worksite. America’s Leading Teak Furniture Manufacturer was the right vendor. They had the best chairs and tables for that type of “work” to help their people relax, recover, and connect with their team, and 100% ergonomic for that application.

What type of work needs to be supported?

Bodies, tasks, and equipment all work together to get the job done right. I can’t say with honest integrity “This is THE BEST CHAIR work chair”. Both of the above examples took time, questions, research, and effort to get great results. Helpful questions, distilling down to the nuts and bolts of what needs to be supported. Planning, forecasting the final solutions, and executing realistic logistics take work.

Real Logistical Customer Service

The corporate project in Pebble Beach during The Covid? The delivery was split into 4 separate installations and ran 6 months over schedule. It took real logistical customer service WORK to help them with all the summer events they had planned. We provided loaner furniture, multiple on-site staging, and weekly updates. This is the work that needs to be done and the furniture dealer always needs the furniture to make those installations successful.

Just make it cheap, easy, and fast.

Essendant may be the best logistic office support vendor around and work with coast-to-re-sellers like https://www.zumaoffice.com/ Large contract pricing, global delivery network, and “if we got it – you get it”. Even during The Covid work still needs to get done and they specialize in that. Just to be clear, fast is not cheap and you can get deep discounts on “made to order” projects. Easy does not = good results and cheap is just cheap. Business is dynamic, many times “the plan” changes and we need stuff RIGHT NOW. Sometimes the very best chairs are 12 blue task chairs with 4 folding tables for training in Elko Nevada delivered in 2-3 days. Not cheap, not easy, yes it was fast and in 2008 not much was out there.

How to choose THE BEST work chair. For your body and your type of work.

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