Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture

Local 831 Life Style and we LOVE to be outdoors. There are many fun things to do in the 831 Monterey Bay coastline and surrounding mountains. Granted, the mountains are low with now snow and the water is cold all year round. There is no bad weather, just bad clothes. After the adventure, it is time to talk story, drink, and relax.

Not ready to go inside yet?

Outdoor Furniture is anything you might sit on, a rock, sand, log, car trunk, or tailgate. At some point, people buy a folding camp chair, table, and plastic stack chairs. As we grow older so does our taste for most things. Furniture gets handed down, sold, and upgraded. Propane patio heaters/fire pits help extend your outdoor enjoyment and won’t have burning embers flying around. Jackery Company has very good battery chargers with optional solar panels. Good quality materials will last for decades, hard surfaces don’t wear out like cushions, vinyl straps, and mesh “slings”.

What materials?

Old style cast/mesh iron with powder coat paint is as very durable, if care for the finish is protected. Iron will rust if the protective finish is scratched and moisture gets to the iron metal. While the powder coating process is very advanced in modern factories, iron is still iron and will rust. Higher quality aluminum with a high-tech powder coat finishing process can last for decades. We have seen lots of great frames come back from the 1970s for new powder coats and mesh slings. They look like new and Grandma is always happy. The mesh sling material is PVC coated polyester yarns and the Phifertex brand is what most high-quality companies use. If there are cushions involved Sunbrella brand fabric is made of spun acrylic that is solution-dyed, is THE BEST, and also is used by many umbrella companies. Another very good material used for the frames and table tops is Marine Grade Polymer MGP. Many times is made from recycled plastics like milk jugs. This is very dense, the color goes all the way through (non-scratch) and is heavy so, the normal wind won’t blow it away.

Wicker Anyone?

Looking for back home, front porch and comfy. The woven wicker style might be what you want. Old wicker used to be woven plant-based anything, from vines, bark, or strips of rattan. That of course got moldy, bug-infested, and brittle. Modern woven wicker is PVC, vinyl, plastic, and very durable. The higher quality brands use lots of Ultra Violet sun protectors and can last for years. Look for aluminum frames and Sunbrella fabric cushions for lasting durability.

Teak Wood

Teak Furniture has a very long history and can be sustainable with proper / documented forestry practices. All wood will change color after milling if not protected. This is natural and can be beautiful, think driftwood at the shore. Just like your hair, you can let nature take its course or do some work. There are products for protection, sealers, and when-needed cleaners. Has a very good line of products and the best “How To” video to help you care for your natural wood furniture.

Best Practices

When the wind gets up, put your umbrellas down and tie the straps. Use a good cover to protect from tree/bird droppings and blasting sand. If you can, it is best to bring the cushions inside to keep the critters from nesting in them, they like that, and need time to let them dry out. High-quality materials have anti-microbial properties to prevent mold/mildew, but they will grow on any dirt or organic material left on the furniture. Check the cleaning information for your furniture and a little prevention goes a long way.

Long Time Santa Cruz Local BIZ

In 1980 the Freidberg family started a PVC furniture company and Pipe Made Furniture West was born. Their 1st retail location was opened by The Santa Cruz Boardwalk in 1982 and then a second location in Cupertino Ca. For over 40 years the company has grown and evolved into a full-service outdoor living retailer. Building an and expanding customer base with value-added customer service and people-centered products.

A long way from PVC furniture

With a Local Home Town vibe, American Leisure Patio has partnered with professional designers, beach rental companies, and contractors to create outdoor living areas that rival many people’s indoor family rooms. Bring the family room and kitchen outside and enjoy Local 831 Life Style #10 Outdoor Furniture. As the Greater S.F. Bay Area has grown over the decades so have Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Refined tastes, larger incomes, and luxury homes demand higher quality furnishings. Now working with high-end designer brands, Brown Jordan, Kingsley Bate, O.W. Lee, Gensun, and Tropitone. The full offering can be seen online at https://www.americanleisurepatio.com/ and has happy customers from San Luis Obispo, Livermore and everywhere in between.

Complete Package

Furniture is for bodies and people are way more than that. Dining tables for meals, bar height tables for “afters”, umbrellas for shade, and fire for warmth and ambiance. Fun beachy décor, rugs, outdoor sculptures, wall art, and extra fun pillows. Everything to make your outdoor experience fun and comfy.

Outdoor Furniture

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