Hospitality Furniture

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Hospitality Furniture

Wiki “Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with some amount of goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

If you’re looking for the best hospitality furniture for your space, then look no further! We have a wide selection of high-quality furniture sources that will make entertaining guests a breeze. From comfortable sofas and chairs to stylish dining tables and more, we have everything you need to make your home the perfect place for social gatherings. Design Your Life and help other people benefit from your work.

Hospitality Furniture Example:

You have been invited to a product launch for a Health Supplement Company. The car is parked and there are a few chairs, a small table, and an ashtray on a concrete dais in front of the main entrance. A couple of people are sitting and smoking a few yards away from the front landing. Walking up the exterior stairs, there are spiraled topiary on both sides of the engraved glass doors. The company’s logo design is artistically displayed on each door panel with the door frames finished in the corporate Burnt Orange color.

You see the security card scanner and before you can press the intercom, the doors open, you are greeted by name and welcomed into the front lobby. There are some sofas and club chairs with side tables that have charging ports. The backdrop for the reception counter has an long acoustic panel with company graphics and logo. The vintage tile inspired coffee/tea service has some pastries and bagels. There are artistic pictures of the factory, fishing boats, and workers on the walls, with industry awards in a glass case.

After a few short minutes, your contact comes out and greets you. You are led down a walkway with workstations on one side, offices on the other, an open café area, and there is a frosted glass door at the end. There is a large beautiful wood conference table with very nice chairs around it. You can see the Corporate Logo on each chair and on the matching acoustic panels to the side of the media screen. At the other end of the room is a tall swing-door storage and the rest of the wall is filled with a standing 36″ high serving counter with swing-door storage for the supportive base. You are invited to enjoy drinks and snacks.

There are several people in the room that you know from other events and meetings and can see the itinerary on the screen up front that starts with an hour for “meet and greet”. Other executives are in the room and introduce you to the other guests. The presentation was very informative, and the whole group was invited to stay for lunch in the Company Kitchen.

The Company Kitchen has trained cooking staff, some Do It Yourself skillets, and a sandwich station, with a cleaning crew for when you are done. Also, a very well-stocked drink service for hot, cold, canned, and bottled beverages. There are some large 8′ community tables, 4-person round tables, and casual lounge seating defined with live plant wall hedges. On one side there are 15 small adjustable tables with computer chairs. The power poles come down in five areas and the 5′ power strips have 10′ lines. Everything in that area is Apple Company-style white and very clean.

You look at the text of the itinerary and notice that no one is leaving at the 3 pm end of the schedule. No guests, staff, or leadership have moved on to other “tasks” and everyone is still spending time together. There was a Company Kitchen crew change and many of the lunch crew are still visiting with the guests.

When you finally do start to leave, a member of the company walks with you and makes sure you get your gift basket. On the way out the shuttle golf cart takes you to your car and waits till your car starts before they leave.

How would that experience make you feel?

What type of furniture will make your guests feel comfortable, valued, and appreciated? Choose what you want your guests to look at, each other, a stage, a natural view, or a presentation screen. The furniture will support their bodies, focus attention, and can provide power for gear.

Popular spaces for Hospitality Furniture start with the lobby or residential foyer. A raised reception or service counter for staff to help direct visitors and some lounge seating to provide a nice setting while waiting. Supportive upholstered seating can also be used for collaborative areas to promote casual communication and possible power outlets. These areas should set the tone of modern luxury, elevated prestige, and professionalism. Communicating the feeling of “you are important and we value your time” goes a long way without saying a word. Use décor to express corporate or personal culture.

Custom, commercial and industrial may be more your style. The same concepts are still used, welcome, direct, express value, and promote communication. Include some “work items” to display what this space is about, pictures, and important equipment. Use interior design to focus people’s attention, create a venue, and let them relax to participate in the event.

Hospitality Furniture is also used to share food and beverages. Any group meal, cook-out, dining experience, or even cafeteria spaces. Welcome, direct, express value, and promote communication. Using furniture, interior design, strategic space planning, lighting, and multi-media can really make a space “work”. Background music, ambient sounds, or natural water recordings. The people create the “Vibe” and you can create “The Place” for them to relax into those moments together with others.

Furniture to support people with comfort, focus directed attention, remove distractions, and immerse together with your selected guests. Here is a quick list of furniture sources that can help you achieve your goals.

Hospitality Furniture

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