Food and Beverage Furniture

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Food and Beverage Furniture

People like you and you love to make them feel welcome. Food and Drinks are nice at the beach and off a tailgate, but sometimes you want to take it up a notch. There is a type of furniture that is sturdy, stylish, cleanable tables, and seating, there is a large selection of furniture, called Hospitality Furniture. Your target audience is, of course the people you want to make comfortable.

Outdoor Furniture

Many people like to be outside to relax and providing them with comfortable and durable furniture is a great idea. Local stores have great options and American Leisure Patio in Santa Cruz has about a Million $$$ of inventory IN-STOCK.

This type of furniture does not need to have cushions or be plush. It needs to be contoured for comfort and drainage. This is outside the building and will get rain or other types of liquids on it. Some simple square tables, benches, lounge chairs, or “site furniture” that bolts to the ground will work fine. If it is going to be left outside after working hours, it should be secured so it will still be there in the morning. Also, consider accommodating people that will smoke, with space away from the building and an ashtray to handle smoldering “butts”.

Waiting Room Furniture

You have checked in, spent time outside, and still need to wait?

A very nice option is an upholstered bench with a back that is mounted to a wall. Vinyl is the “go-to” fabric, because of its durability and cleanability. It can be specified to blend in with a wide variety of décor or themed interiors.

In a medical waiting room, commercial furniture works well. Modern furniture, called waiting room armchairs helps people get in and out of the chair and is important. The chairs can be connected or “ganged” to each other to maintain the traffic flow through the space. This provides more seating capacity than loose chairs that can be moved by guests. Medical facilities have many commercial settings blended with common furniture for families to relax in.

Another type of seating is often used in larger areas, it known as “beam” or tandem seating. The multiple seats are attached to a support with legs at about four-seat intervals. These are used in transportation and hospital facilities. They are very durable and can last for decades.

Tables and Chairs

Your wait time is done and you are finally ready to be “seated”. Depending on the type of event, the furniture options can vary widely.

Cafeterias use laminate tables and restaurant seating or long tables and benches. The durable surfaces need to be very clean and hold up to sanitation products. These areas require furniture that can be moved and stored. Folding tables and stacking chairs will reduce the storage area needed when not in use and the floors need to be cleaned.

Many types of stack chairs use plastic or vinyl-covered seats and backs.

The plastic stack chairs can stack higher (30+) and use less floor space for storage. They can last for many years and can be cleaned with strong products.

The vinyl upholstered chairs can be less expensive and have varying thicknesses of padding. They do not stack as high (4+) and will take up more room when not in use.

If you have a large area of 50 or more seats a “chair dolly” cart will be very helpful. It will secure the chairs on a rolling frame and many will hold them at an angle for higher stacking.

Tables can also have wheels for easy movement and fold for storage. Make sure they have some way to secure the movement of the wheels while they are in use. Simple folding tables or a “flip top” hinge is great for small 4-person tables that can easily moved by hand. These folding table bases are very useful.

Restaurant Furniture

We have seen many types of designs, décor, and themes for making people feel special.

Cheap and Fast Food

Food Food has its own style, it is durable, cleanable, and simple. Tables are installed into the floor and dining chairs can be stored on the table tops for cleaning. This is commercial furniture and is not sold in traditional retail stores.

Booth Seating

Custom Furniture Booth Seating, which is fixed and not designed to be moved can use vinyl, leather, or any combination with fabric for upholstery. With high backs, this type of restaurant chair defines the space around a table and forms the layout of the room.

The tables are installed into the floors, and the seating is placed around them. All sorts of materials, plastic, laminate, wood, marble, solid surfaces, and other high-quality materials are used for table tops. The bases are usually made of metal.

The Booth concept is used from low-end though to High-End dining establishments. Curved seats with round/oval tables are very popular with fine dining.

Fine Dining Furniture

Many restaurants have a very special waiting area that is separate from the general dining room. It is the Beer and Alcohol Room or BAR. Smaller tables with chairs are used and a very specialized service counter has been developed. A long aprx. 41″-43″ high counter for storing, serving drinks, and is serviced by the bartender. Restaurant Bar Stools have become a standard seating solution. The target audience is adults who can consume alcohol legally.

The classic 4-6 person dining table is very popular and used all over the world. Beautiful solid wood furniture is the most popular. Wood chairs or less expensive metal chair frames use simple seat pads and wood backs in a wide range of styles.

Many locations use inexpensive plywood tables with padded tops and white tablecloths. Some glass tops are used to cover the tablecloth for easy cleaning. This gives the feeling of High-Quality Furniture at an affordable price.

Hospitality Furniture

People are still the main purpose of furniture. Food and Beverage furniture supports the “work” of people for other people. Furniture is still the same, it supports people and their work. Additional furniture such as shelves is also useful. The furniture selection process is very important to achieving the customer experience and creating a welcoming environment.


Biz Chair Company has commercial-grade furniture that can leave the dock in 3-5 business days (orders less than 10 units) and 7-12 business days (orders 11+ units) for quick planning.

It is 1-17-2023 and the 49-ERS are doing great, people will be getting together to watch the game. Make sure there is plenty of NFL-quality seating and tables to support your hospitality work. Classic restaurant booths with PVC edge laminate table tops for easy cleaning, make people feel more comfortable to enjoy the game.

Simple chairs that can stack for storage, can offer just the right support for backyard, mobile seating solutions or banquet settings.

Floor Cleaning

After working an event, cleaning might happen and FlexSweep is a Local 831 manufacturer of floor cleaning gear. They have created a flexible system based on poles with a lifetime guarantee.

In 1977 Simon Cassar had an idea of push broom pole that doesn’t break. Yes, the part that is continually scrubbing hard floors will eventually wear out. The real invention was the way the pole is connected to the working end of the stick, after many years of effort, the TG-7 Unbreakable Connector was created.



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